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VXIST OPTEX Outdoor PIR Detector / Wired / 100% Exterior VXI-ST
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VXI-ST OPTEX Outdoor PIR Detector / Wired / 100% Exterior


Based on the inherited characteristics of the VX-402 series VX Infinity presents an infinite possibility with the power of detection designs. VXI-ST demonstrates prolonged and stable performance in typical outdoor environments. The VX Infinity series is manufactured to excel in its performance either as a perimeter detection solution area/area detection solution or as an immediate perimeter/limit solution directly on a structure (walls and ceilings).


Flexible detection pattern of 12 m (40 feet) by 90 degrees adjustable to 5 ranges SMDA logic for advanced temperature compensation and environmental noise immunity Easy masking for spill prevention Double conductive protection against bright light disturbances Battery housing / TX for both wired and wireless


Product Specifications: 

Detection Method Passive Infrared
PIR Coverage 12.0m (40ft) 90° wide/16 zones
PIR Distance Limit 12 - 2.5m (5 levels)
Detectable Speed 0.3 - 1.5m/s (1.5ft/s)
Sensitivity 2.0°C (3.6°F) at 0.6m/s (2ft/s)
Power Input 9.5 - 18V DC
Current Draw 20 mA (max) at 12 V DC
Alarm Period 2.0 ±1sec
Warm-Up Period Approx. 60sec (LED blinks)
Alarm Output N.C./N.O. Selectable 28 V DC 0.1A (max)
Tamper Output N.C. 28V DC 0.1A (max) open when cover removed
LED Indicator Red: Warm-up alarm
RF Interference No alarm 10V/m
Operating Temperature -30 - 60°C (-22 - 140°F)
Environmental Humidity 95% max
International Protection IP55
Mounting Wall pole (outdoor indoor)
Mounting Height 0.8 - 1.2m (2.64ft - 3.94ft)
Weight 500g (17.7oz)
Accessories Screw (4x20mm) x2 Wiring sponge x3 Masking Seal x3

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VXIST OPTEX Outdoor PIR Detector / Wired / 100% Exterior VXI-ST

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