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EH5500FDODUHEXT Siklu Siklu EtherHaul-5500FD 2 to 5 Gigabit Full Duplex 70/80GHz E-Band EH-5500FD-ODU-H-EXT
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EH-5500FD-ODU-H-EXT Siklu Siklu EtherHaul-5500FD 2 to 5 Gigabit Full Duplex 70/80GHz E-Band


EtherHaul-5500FD ODU with ADAPTER Tx High  ports:1xcopper 1xfiber 5000Mb/s

EtherHaultm-5500FD 5Gbps 70/80GHz radio - High Bandwidth for Demanding Networks

The EH-5500FD brings 5Gbps full-duplex throughput for demanding networks in the metro  aggregation and trunking applications.

Applications for a Wide Range of Vertical Markets

- Fiber Extension

- Business Broadband

- Metro and Aggregation Networks

- Ring topologies

- Redundancy Topologies

Robust & Futureproof

The EH-5500FD radio delivers 5Gbps full-duplex point-to-point wireless Ethernet connectivity to future-proof your network. Operating over the interference-free 71-76/81-86GHz band the FDD EH-5500FD has additional output power and wider channels making it easy for providers and enterprises to extend their networks by very quickly adding affordable high capacity wireless links that are easy to install and maintain.

Carrier-Grade Performance Over Wireless

High throughput and low latency are combined to deliver fiber-like performance. The EH-5500FD incorporates adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation for high availability.

Creates Resiliency and Availability

The EH-5500FD easily integrates with Ethernet switches or MPLS routers to enable deployment in the ring mesh or any high resiliency topology.

Small Size Easy to Deploy & Manage

The all-outdoor radio has a small footprint that alleviates site acquisition. Its light-weight and small size make for quick and easy installation while the intuitive web GUI manages local and remote units to enable fast commissioning and configuration.

Based on Siklus Field Proven Platform

The EH-5500FD is the high-capacity 5Gbps evolution of the best-selling EtherHaultm series - the worlds top millimeter-wave radio. Tens of thousands of links have been deployed and are performing reliably in diverse weather conditions all over the globe.

Fast Spectrum Acquisition at Affordable Cost

The E-band spectrum is uncongested even in rural or dense urban areas. Using a high-gain pencil-beam antenna guarantees available spectrum anywhere and maximizes spectrum re-use. Additionally the E-band technology offers low licensing fees and quick licensing processes.

Exceptional Value

The EH-5500FD provides a fast return on investment (ROI) and minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO). The advanced 5Gbps system delivers an unbeatable price per MB. Its small and light form factor lowers installation costs increases reliability and reduces site visits. Ultra-fast activation time with unbeatable reliability will become your winning card in any competitive environment.

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EH5500FDODUHEXT Siklu Siklu EtherHaul-5500FD 2 to 5 Gigabit Full Duplex 70/80GHz E-Band EH-5500FD-ODU-H-EXT

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