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EXPERTENGC2XP ENGENIUS EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi Networks Virtual Express Certification EXPERT-ENG-C2-XP
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EXPERT-ENG-C2-XP ENGENIUS EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi Networks Virtual Express Certification



The EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi networks virtual course carefully summarizes all the concepts and fundamentals to learn the best practices knowing the ideal solutions interfaces and products to implement your Wi-Fi networks in the cloud. Train your work team with this specially designed training to learn remotely effectively.

Who is addressed to

Installation technicians telecommunications companies and network service integrators.


Know the Solutions best practices and the ideal equipment for the Wi-Fi network managed in the cloud using the hardware and software solutions of EnGenius Cloud.


1. Who is EnGenius
1.1. EnSky and EnCloud solutions overview.
1.2. Advantages of Wi-Fi 6.
1.3. Cloud product catalog (Switches and Access Points).

2. EnGenius Cloud Fundamentals.
2.1. Types and differences of Clouds
2.1.1. Server
2.1.2. VM
2.1.3. Docker
2.1.4. FaaS
2.2. TFA tunnel
2.3. Scalable and serverless
2.4. Control monitoring and troubleshooting

3. Configurations and steps to follow to navigate in the Cloud successfully
3.1. Where and how to create an account
3.2. Downloading the Engenius Cloud App
3.3. Explanation of the Dashboard
3.3.1. Hectagonal.
3.3.2. Performance.
3.3.3. Top APS clients SSIDS.
3.3.4. Main applications.

4. How to create an organization.
4.1. Create a network.
4.2. Add an AP Cloud.
4.3 Assign a network.
4.4. Device connection.

5. SSID configuration and explanation of each element.
5.1. Wireless.
5.2. Security type.
5.3. Radio.
5.4. Advanced configurations.
5.5. Traffic Shaping
5.6. Schedule.
5.7. Access control.

6. Captive portal
6.1. Configuration.
6.2. Authentication type.
6.3. Voucher service
6.4. Vouchers creation
6.5. Captive portal.



-Be registered as an SYSCOM integrator.
-Computer with stable internet access.
-Highly recommended to wear headphones for a better experience.
-Notebook and pen on hand to facilitate taking notes.

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EXPERTENGC2XP ENGENIUS EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi Networks Virtual Express Certification EXPERT-ENG-C2-XP

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