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HUS726T6TALE6L4 Western Digital (WD) Enterprise HDD 6TB WD Ultrastar HUS726T6TALE6L4
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HUS726T6TALE6L4 Western Digital (WD) Enterprise HDD 6TB WD Ultrastar

Ultrastar SATA Series hard drives are built from the ground up to be an ultra-robust storage device. Designed with a workload rating up to 550TB per year Ultrastar drives are the perfect choice for business-critical applications like enterprise servers storage subsystems surveillance analytics and industrial environments. Higher capacities are made by HelioSeal technology delivering the lowest /TB and Watts/TB to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO). Lower capacity drives are built using traditional air-filled technology ideal for users looking for lower acquisition cost.

High Workload Rating

Delivering dependable performance to any storage environment Ultrastar hard drives are designed with a workload rating up to 550TB per year1 among the highest of any 3.5-inch hard drive.

HelioSeal® Technology

Featured in over 20 million shipped Western Digital hard drives2 HelioSeal technology enables the highest capacities and less turbulence on large storage arrays. And now on its 4th generation design HelioSeal technology is field-tested and proven to deliver high capacity reliability and power efficiency you can trust.

Enterprise-class Storage to Rely On

With up to 2.5 million hours MTBF rating Ultrastar hard drives deliver reliability and durability are built for yearly operation (24x7x365) within the most demanding storage environments and are backed with a 5-year limited warranty.

Compatibility Testing

All Ultrastar hard drives are extensively tested across a variety of popular OEM storage systems SATA controllers and host bus adapters to ensure ease of integration for a plug and play solution.

Vibration Protection

Enhanced Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology uses sophisticated electronics to monitor the drive and correct linear and rotational vibrations in real time for improved performance versus traditional desktop drives in high vibration environments.

Dual-stage Actuator Technology

Ultrastar drives feature a dual-stage actuator head positioning system for a high degree of accuracy. The primary stage provides course displacement while the secondary stage uses piezoelectric motion to fine tune the head positioning to a higher degree of precision.

Dynamic Fly-height Technology

Each read-write head’s fly height is adjusted in real time to ensure consistent performance for reduced errors and optimized reliability.

7200 RPM Class

This 7200 RPM-class hard drive delivers the fastest performance with the highest workload rating of any high-capacity drive from Western Digital. Ensure you have the most capable hard drive regardless of the application with Ultrastar hard drives.


Technical specifications:
Part Number: 
Capacity: 6 TB.
Form factor: 3.5 inches.
Data Transfer Speed:
    - Buffer to host: 600 Mb / s.
    - Host to / from disk (sustained): 255MB / s
Cache: 256 MB.
Rotation speed: 7200RMP
Interface: SATA III 6.0 Gb / s.
Application: Opted for Video Surveillance Applications (Software NVR NAS DataCenter)
Number of bays: No limit
Number of cameras: No limit

Physical and electrical characteristics:
Operating Temperature:
    - In operation: 5°C  60 ºC)
    - Inactive: -40 to 158 ºF (-40  70 ºC)
Electric consumption:
    - Reading / writing: 7.0 W
    - Inactive: 5.9W
Dimensions: 26.1 x 147 x 101.6 mm
Weight: 715 g

Warranty: 5 Years with the manufacturer / 1st year with EPCOM

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HUS726T6TALE6L4 Western Digital (WD) Enterprise HDD 6TB WD Ultrastar HUS726T6TALE6L4

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