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TPTURBOHD EPCOM 7 "LCD Video Tester for IP / HD-TVI (TurboHD) / Analog ONVIF Wi-Fi IP Scanner TPTURBOHD
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TPTURBOHD EPCOM 7 "LCD Video Tester for IP / HD-TVI (TurboHD) / Analog ONVIF Wi-Fi IP Scanner


  • 7-inch LCD screen touch screen capability resolution 1024 800 supports resolutions: 1920 x 1080 1080 x 720
  •  English Polish Italian Spanish French and other selectable languages
  •  Analog Tester TVI
  •  IP Camera Tester
  • Configuration ONVIF IP Camera image ONVIF PTZ controller
  • Supports more than 80 customized IP camera protocols
  • Supports VMS to view IP cameras
  • WiFi card for network reception image and data
  • Network tester and bandwidth.
  • FTP Server static IP address DHCP Tester of different network segments in IP cameras.
  • RTSP IP discovery
  • 24W PoE power supply for IP cameras
  • HDMI output signal supports 1080P
  • DC12V 2A power output for camera
  • USB 5V 2A power output for mobile phone
  • Led lamp easy to operate at night
  • Micro SD card
  • LCD screen brightness / contrast / color adjustable saturation
  • Automatically adaptable to NTSC / PAL formats
  • Improved color generator bar
  • 4x Zoom Video image can be enlarged to check details easy to use
  • Video recording and playback (Only in analog function)
  • Snapshot and save the current image as JPG file in the Memo SD card (Applies only to the analog tester)
  • PING testing IP camera test or devices in an Ethernet network.
  • IP address scan fast search of IP cameras
  • PoE Voltage measurement
  • Flashing the port look for the port of the connected PoE switch by sending special signals the connected PoE port will flash at a special frequency.
  • Link monitor check the IP address settings.
  • PTZ address scan a search of the PTZ ID
  • Network cable and Telephone cable testing show the sequence of the connection.
  • Supports PTZ protocol: coaxitron RS485 600 115200bps adjustable range
  • Multiprotocol Supports more than thirty PTZ protocols. Like PELCO-P PELCO-D SAMSUNG etc.
  • Analysis of the PTZ protocol shows the command of the control protocol to check the RS485 transmission
  • Audio input test test the audio signal of the feedback devices
  • Lithium-ion polymer battery. The device employs advanced power control and protection circuit. It offers high energy efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection. It can last 10 hours for normal use after charging for 6 hours.

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TPTURBOHD EPCOM 7 "LCD Video Tester for IP / HD-TVI (TurboHD) / Analog ONVIF Wi-Fi IP Scanner TPTURBOHD

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